It started right after our first son started school & 

I was still a, "stay at home” with our second boy.

I was struggling with a little postpartum depression 

when my best x-friend, "Dim, The Psychologist Trollop,"

who’s only nemesis is common sense; invited  me to have 

a “Lady’s Lingerie Party.”

I should have known better than to trust Lynn Garrett 

with anything to do with my life but I was weak that 

morning she called me.

It seemed the perfect answer to our money whoa & doing 

something sexy seemed to make my husband happier. 

 He started working late nights rehearsing with his band,

 which left me alone most night until his triumphant return

 home.  But while I was busy being happy & worrying about

making baby number three, my mother in law was spying

on me to make sure I was being a “good wife.”

Those nights when I was having a “Lady’s Lingerie Party"

 before my husband got home were the nights that caused

 these gross misunderstandings.

That and the fact that I had to lie to my mother-in-law about

 what I was selling at those parties.
Multi Media Script and Series
Copyright 2000 Peggy Penny - All-Rights-Reserved
Kansas Twist